Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sliced Apple Pudding

After browsing for recipes for a cooking workshop, I came across this wonderfully easy recipe. Mary Randolph's Sliced Apple Pudding looked easy and tasty.

The Virginia Housewife, 1838
I started by peeling and slicing my apples- I chose two Granny Smith and Two Gala (maybe?)- they were what I had on hand from a mixed box. Next-six eggs- I had whisked them for around five minutes to get them "very light"- added two cups of whole milk. Adding flour is always a trail for me- I added one cup at a time, mixing the batter very well between, I ended up with four cups- it seemed to be the thickness of a cake batter. Adding a small cup of melted butter (around 1 1/2 sticks) mixing well. Then poured in the apple slices, mixing them in well. Four apples seemed to be just the right amount for this dish. I added some sugar, butter & nutmeg to the top.
Pudding before going into the oven. (I am such a messy cook!)
This recipe is large- so be prepared to use a very large dish (I ended up with a Pyrex mixing bowl). Into a 350* oven. It baked for around 40 minutes.  I found out when dishing it out that the middle had not set very well, longer in the oven, or a slightly  higher temp would have helped. Top each serving with some butter, sugar, and nutmeg as suggested. 

Hot Apple Pudding! 

The pudding was very good, the apples were still a little crisp as well. If you do not like a very sweet dessert this would be great for you since the only added sugar is on top. If you would like a sweeter pudding, add some sugar to the batter before adding the apples- a cup or so should be enough. Overall I do think that this will go in the index to try again! 

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