Thursday, June 27, 2013

Going to Gettysburg....

Not quite.  I did not make it to the Mecca of reenacting this year for the 150th Gettysburg. Oh well, there are more things ahead. However, I did send my sweet husband to parade on the grounds that North Carolina soldiers so bravely fought. The week before the event was full of prep, not as much as I would have  hoped, but do to the lack of a good kitchen and some family issues, I think I did fairly well. Three loaves of great bread (there were 4, but it just had to be tried before I sent it off), a double batch of pumpkin muffins.

I used my trusty go-to bread recipe. Although, this time I did not bake them in pans, since most of my stuff is still packed up, but they still turned out nice! 

I have to admit, I did cheat on the pumpkin muffins. I used a box mix that I had anyway- and there is a chance that you would still be using what is left of the winter vegetables in addition to the new summer ones!

The breads were wrapped in paper the placed in a japanned cake tin. The muffins were placed in a paper-lined lidded basket. 

Of coarse, there needs to be other things to eat.... I guess you could eat bread and muffins for four days. 
Food before packaging. 
I have previously posted about packaging food for camp use. This is how the variety of foods were originally packed.  In most cases it is better to package foods in period containers. These can be very simple, to very elaborate. 
Food after packaging
I use a variety of packaging options. The cheapest option is making poke sacks in a variety of sizes. Another cheap option is buying paste board boxes in a variety of sizes, these are available in many shapes & sizes at craft stores. The two small pasteboard boxes in this photo contain the tea & lemonade in the previous picture. The large black tin contains three loaves of bread. The small black tin contains sugar (this was a Christmas tin, I "japanned" by painting it black). The jars are full of pickles & pickled eggs. 

The packaging of food before an event prevents you from having to hide food before and during food-prep.