Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Soldier's Kitchen

Corey, Taylor, Craig & I next to the kitchen. 
This past weekend soldier's descended on Bentonville Battlefield for the 148th anniversary program. On Sunday, my dear husband and a few other of Uncle Billy's Boys took over the kitchen. This opportunity led them to dig through their haversacks and find what they had available to cook. Between them they had rice, pinto beans, potatoes, some ham, and bit of cheese. They went to work. Well, my husband went to work while the other 2 gambled.....
The potatoes were sliced the fried in some ham grease. The rice and beans were dumped into a pot with a  ham hock.  I have to say the potatoes were some of the best I have ever eaten!

Although there were no recipes followed, this shows how soldiers used what they had to eat in the field. These soldiers were a lot better off than most in 1865, but it sill shows how a everyone can pull together what they have to make a great meal!