Welcome to 19th Century Cookery!  I hope you enjoy all that you find and that it helps you along with your questions and recipe adventures. I am not an expert on food or cooking. I am an avid interpreter that believes that the food prepared & consumed at an event is just as important as clothing and equipment!

Me & my dear husband.
Tintype by Chris Morgan
I usually test recipe's at home in the safety of my own kitchen, so in case something does not come out right, or is a total failure, no one else knows. I do use my DH as a taste tester. You will see his commentary periodically on the blog.

I currently work as the Programs Coordinator at Bentonville Battlefield. I hold a BA in American Studies. While I do spend a lot of time researching foodways, I also enjoy researching & sewing period clothing.

 I look forward to meeting you all! Please, ask questions, comment, and try the recipe's for yourself!


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