Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How wet can your feet get? or Welcome to the 18th Century!

I spent Saturday in the 18th century.  The rainy 18th century. This past weekend we traveled to Historic Halifax for their first Muster Days program. Despite the wet conditions, it was great day spent with friends and colleagues. The day was full of normal activities such as sewing,  firing demonstrations, and browsing the buildings.

It rained off & on all day, but that only damped our feet. By the end of the day my shoes & stockings were soaked through. The good thing about 18th century is that skirts are hemmed high enough not to absorb the moisture from the ground!

A scenic view

Artillery Demonstration

DH & I

Fuzzy, but fun!

Pinning my hat in the wind.

Pinball and scissors

Sewing on the porch

Standing outside of the Tap Room 


More photos from the event from the local paper. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cause & Country, Serving the Soldiers 2015

Again this year, we overloaded the car and headed north to one of the best events, with some of the best friends. This year Ft. Washington was sent bustling again with everyone coming in to participate.
This year there was an increased participation in almost all parts of the fort. The military really helped give the fort life again, guards posted at the gate, drill throughout the day, soldiers wandering around on their duties. This year there was great fair planned to benefit the USSC. Booths of all sorts were on display- Scotland, curiosities, music, fancy goods, dolls, and a restaurant department with lovely baked goods, shrub, lemonade, and candies( All of which was organized by Mrs. Brown!). Once again some VIP's from Washington City made their way to Ft. Washington to support the soldiers with their company and generous donations.  It rained on Saturday- just like last year- but we didn't let that spoil our fun! That is the great thing about Ft. Washington- almost all of the activities are located inside so good company is always an option- even in the rain.  Sunday dawned much cooler than I ever anticipated- and left me wishing I had brought my wool dress after all. I was glad that I brought my lightweight shawl so that P was wrapped up & warm! Again, like all things, it came to an end.  It was wonderful to spend time with friends, and make so many new ones as well! Until next year!

Breakfast Saturday Morning
Photo by: Tim Massey

One of the best pictures. Our dear friend Cheyney was our nanny for the weekend- and P really enjoyed her!
Photo by: Tim Massey 

Beautiful doors of Ft. Washington, advertising the Saturday evening dance and Co. K 3rd US.
Photo by: Tim Massey

DH speaking with Mrs. Kallal
Photo by: Tim Massey
Patrons enjoying music at the fair!
Photo by: Tim Massey

A busy day at the fair.
Photo by: Tim Massey

Co. K 3rd US
Photo by: Tim Massey

P & I on the porch
Photo by: Tim Massey

This image- my favorite from the whole weekend of DH & P!
 Photo by: Tim Massey

Gorgeous sunset over the Potomac from the fort walls.
Photo by: Tim Massey

Speaking with Ms. Robinson
Photo by: Tim Massey
Sunday morning services.
Photo by: Tim Massey

P's first 19th Century selfie! ( We couldn't let the weekend get by without one)