Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Aren't you hot in that? Pt. 2

Here are a few more period reference images of "working women". Notice all that their clothes have in common. Rolled-up sleeves & pinned up skirts!  Enjoy! 

The Sinews of Old England  George Edgar Hicks - 1857   Private collection   Painting - watercolor
"The Sinews of Old England" George Edgar Hicks, 1857
I have always loved this image. Although this particular one is from the outside looking in, we can see that this couple is probably just outside of their kitchen judging by the cupboard of dishes that can be seen through the door. 
"Rustic Courtship" Harpers c.1865
"Rustic Courtship" Harpers, c. 1865
"The Jolly Washwewoman", Lilly Martin Spencer, 1851
I just love all of the details that Lilly Martin Spencer includes in her paintings. They are like the snapshots of the 19th century! 
"Girl in a Brown Dress" Joshua Cristall (1768-1847), undated
I was so happy to find this image!! You can see how the skirt looks from the back!

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