Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The British Occupy Halifax

This past weekend I dove head first into the 18th century, again. This will probably become a recurring theme in the next few years.  This time we were in Historic Halifax, recreating the 1781 British occupation of the town. I portrayed a petty sutler again, this time selling penny loaves to the British soldiers. I only snagged a few photos, most of these are from the RRSpin

P and I in the British Camp selling bread

1725 Paul Sanby image of a Green Vegetable Seller. Part of my inspiration for my impression. I was so glad to that the photographer snapped the image above if my girl & I. 

Trying to sell produce and bread to the British. 

My sweet girl's first 18th C. event! 

P & her daddy on the town green in the morning. 

The British forces. 

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