Saturday, May 4, 2013

Common Egg Bread

Common Egg Bread, The Kentucky Housewife, 1839.  This sounded very similar to a dish that we had eaten on our honeymoon in Williamsburg, so when I was browsing books for new ideas, I tagged it as a must try!

I used my new birch-twig whisk for this recipe, I must say it is nice. After beating the eggs well, add 4 cups of milk, salt and butter- I used 2 tablespoons.
The fine Indian meal (corn meal) is where it gets tricky.  Like most mid-century recipes there are no exact measurements. I ended up using about a pound of corn meal to make "a good batter".  It will be a thin batter, I guessed on this part, as it did not specify to what consistency this batter should be.
In a 400* oven it took about 24 minutes to get done.

The top looks similar to eggs that have been cooked a little too long, but it is a nice brown "done" color. It will smell just like corn bread! 

After letting it cool for a few minutes, I served my self a piece with butter- as directed! 
It was still pretty hot, but had a nice corn-bread taste. I think I may have used too much corn meal, as it did not have the light eggy taste I was looking for. Next time I will use less corn meal to see how the results vary. 

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