Tuesday, December 18, 2012

150th Goldsboro Bridge& Chicken Noodle Soup

This past weekend, I went to my first weekend event since April. Whew, had it been a while! I was cooking for one of the military groups, which ended up being about 6 people, plus my buddies the Old South Blacksmiths. Since the rain moved in Saturday night, I didn't cook on Sunday because most of the event was called off.  Saturday's breakfast was eggs, fried potatoes and biscuits. I had cooked the biscuits ahead of time, and then warmed them in a dutch oven.  Sadly my camera batteries died, but I was able to snap only 2 pictures.
Me taking a break from cooking & talking to my good friend Matt! 
 Lunch on Saturday was a Chicken Noodle Soup. While the recipe I used does not come first hand from any books I have found, it is supposed to be a period family recipe from Elizabeth Stewart Clark . I started with a whole hen, and boiled it until it was falling off of the bone. While the chicken boils, make your noodles with flour, egg, salt & pepper. Roll the dough very thing, and make long slender noodles- the noodles "plump" a lot. Set these aside to dry for a while.
Noodles  & Carrots Ready for Soup.
While the chicken was cooking I also sliced some carrots and potatoes to add to the soup, just to make it a little more hearty and filling.  The chicken got pulled out to be de-boned, then went in the noodles & veggies. I also added a bit more salt & pepper (This was about 3 gallons of soup after all). By the time the chicken was cooled enough to handle, and the meat pulled off the bones, the noodles were almost done. I added the chicken back in and stirred the whole pot to mix it well.  The soup was served with fresh bread & butter. With pumpkin bread for a little sweet after the soup.
Bowl of warm soup and fresh bread
This really was an excellent soup! It was very tasty and was great for feeding a crowd!! I will defiantly make this again!

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