Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Egg Cups- A Breakfast Dish

This dish has become a household favorite. It is so easy to prepare, and it is very similar to modern deviled eggs.
The recipe, "Egg Cups- A Breakfast Dish" come from Housekeeping in Old Virginia, 1879.

I boiled 4 eggs, hard ( you can use as many as you like). After waiting for them to cool, they were peeled and halved. The yolks were mixed as described. I used ham as the meat this time, chopped it fairly small. I used about two tablespoons of butter, and salt and pepper to taste.  You need to mash the mixture for a while to get all the egg yolk mushed up and mixed with the ham, the butter/oil helps smooth out the mixture.

After getting the filling completely mixed up, it gets spooned into the egg halves. I have found that there is no neat way to this, and the filling is quite messy.

The recipe calls for a cream sauce over the eggs. I did not add the sauce to the eggs this time, as DH was going to eat them for lunch. The sauce is easy, put about half a cup of cream, with a little sugar (about at tablespoon) in a double boiler to heat the cream. The sauce does add a sweetness to the eggs if desired.

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