Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2018 In Review

What a year! I know it has been quiet here lately and for many reasons. I have not been doing as many events this, and most of them have been 18th Century. One this is for sure though, I've been able to spend this year with some of the greatest people I know!!

In January I get to spend a weekend at Ft. Fisher for work. I feel close to Ft. Fisher because many of my Civil War ancestors served here.
It's nice to have a partner in crime! 

March is a busy busy month. My sweet girl turned three, my site hosted a timeline for the first time in almost 15 years, and I camped out for the first time in years (in the sleet no less!)
Three was a perfect birthday! 

End of the day laughs

Women served too! 

Peas Francoise! 

Squirrels are in the house! 

April was less busy but brought me to Halifax, serving as a Tavern mistress. 

I love him! 

Tavern lunch

More fun was had in May- at the 1860's Civilian Celebration and Alamance and a celebration for St. Phillips Church in Brunswick Town.

See, I can dress up nice! 

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Gov. Tryon and his militia

Multi-Era birthday party for St. Phillips! 

For the first time in year, our Summer months were full of fun- and not all in silly clothes. Trips to the beach, Colonial Williamsburg, and Busch Gardens. 

Summer carriage ride

A nice pier walk

Look- a bird! 

August was another busy, but fun month. Starting with the Corsets & Cravats Conference, and WWII day at Ft. Fisher. 
Helping teach 19th Century hair techniques 

She really wants me to be a WAC

1940's beach fun

October took us Edenton and Camden. 
Edenton in matching outfits! 

It was beautiful, cold weekend! 

In November I managed to cook 10 gallons of soup with no good firewood (no I never blogged this but it was my go-to beef stew) 
Fun day at the Caswell site! 

Stay tuned for an exciting 2019- my calendar is already filling up!